OHBA Executive Committee

Voting Members

Senior Officers

Richard Bancroft.  President
Enzo Perfetto  Vice President
Merle Stutzman  Secretary/Treasurer
Charles Ruma Jr. Immediate Past President
Randy Strauss  NAHB State Rep. (By Appointment)

Area Vice Presidents

Ric Johnson
Robi Simms
Brad Olinger
Jason Scott

Standing Committees

TJ Ackermann  Government Affairs Co-Chair
Greg Berling  Government Affairs Co-Chair

Presidential Appointees to the Executive Committee

Tom Daniel
Randy Strauss
Bill Paul

Non-Voting Members

Presidential Appointees

Vince Messerly Developers Chair
Laura MacGregor Comek Developers Co-Chair
Charlie Driscoll Developers Co-Chair
John Eavenson Developers Co-Chair
Sara Majzun Membership Chair
Bill Owens Remodelers Chair
Jeff Woda Multi-Family Chair
George Goudreau Multi-Family Co-Chair
Judie Docs Executive Officer Rep.
Andy Profanchik Past Presidents Chair
Stuart Cowan Past Presidents Co-Chair
Al Scott Past Presidents Rep.
Tony Crasi Past Presidents Rep
Fred Tobin Past Presidents Rep.
Mark Zollinger Past Presidents Rep.
Charles Simms  Past Presidents Rep.
Molly Kane  Associates
Bill Martin Workmanlike Standards Chair

2023 Build-PAC

Robi Simms, Chair Charles Ruma Jr.
Richard Bancroft Ric Johnson
Jason Scott Brad Olinger
Enzo Perfetto Merle Stutzman

2023 Long Range Planning

Enzo Perfetto, Chair Tom Daniel
Randy Strauss Richard Bancroft
Merle Stutzman, Vice Chair Fred Tobin
Mark Zollinger Richard McCleery
Charles Ruma Bill Martin

2023 Government Affairs Committee

TJ Ackermann, Co-Chair Greg Berling, Co-Chair
John Eavenson Robi Simms
Merle Stutzman  Brad Olinger
Ric Johnson Randy Strauss
Laura MacGregor Comek Bill Martin
Tony Crasi

2023 Nominating Committee

Charles Ruma Jr., Chair  Stuart Cowan
Richard Bancroft, Vice Chair  Andy Profanchik
Tom Daniel  Al Scott
Randy Strauss Bill Paul

Workmanlike Standards Committee

Charles Ruma  Enzo Perfetto
Richard Bancroft  Bill Martin
Tony Crasi  Bill Owens